FINDING NEO: a prayer for our living gods

FINDING NEO: a prayer for our living gods

the night is pregnant with possibilities aroused and penetrated by my manic brain…the joy is punctuated with urgency—and i am anything but insane..we are organizing with all our strength to uproot a totalitarian regime—we are fighting to amplify our many struggles using all of our arsenal deployed by any means…my brain is wired with intensity—flying high hoping to never come down—but our sacred trees are rooted deep—with their essence penetrating holy ground…this is a manic poem that i am writing and i am struggling to keep it coherent—the insight that flows forth in this psychic window navigates a tightrope above dangerous currents…i am fighting with all my subconscious power to control the synapses in my brain…neurotransmitters are evolving at light speed desperately trying to keep me sane…the prophets of old were visited by angels while today we find truth through self medication—we feed our desire for pleasure where we find it and recruit our lovers to radical salvation … i believe that destiny rules but also that we shape our collective fate—we are agents of karma arising to help our living gods evolve and claim their place…we are mutants and we are alchemists—we are conjuring golems to uproot the fascist menace…kaffiyas, balaclavas, and inspired tattoos decorate our anarchist tribe—we are intifadic insurgents building resistance so our species can stay alive…neo is arising within each of our minds seeing through the digital matrix—we imagine through our dreams a sci-fi future for our transcultural nation…six degrees of separation between anyone on our planet–and between our present and our future—we can nurture the relationships that will forge divine inspiration, temporal vistas, and spiritual temples…agents of of karma are bypo freaks enticed by trinity’s love for defying the matrix—we can struggle to transform the white minds amped up on rage and determined to erase us…deep inside every human heart you will find a god waiting to be born—a divine spark radiating through the cosmos seeking transformative reform…we need revolution so urgently–but we need to develop a strategy—a praxis that fits the exigencies of our time…we take the knee alongside our radical athletes—we build power to uproot satanic systemic crime…this social order’s days are numbered and our elites are viscerally exposed—if we harness all of our powers then nirvana is coming close…its time to rise up for a future where our species will fly free—putting bourgeois rule and white supremacy in the dustbin of history…we will dance to celebrate our lives and the future we will bring into being–the tools required to transform our world will arise from within and breed new ways of seeing…we bring to birth nina’s twenty-second century where the angels of dopamine will be unleashed–we harness our powers with each passing moment–preparing to dismantle the imperial beast

the dancer pictured is Ghrai Devore


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