lights flash extending potent and penetrating rays—i contemplate the cosmos absorbed in its seductive gaze…with every passing instant i grow into this strength—i fathom the galaxy’s width, its depth, and its length…our backyard was pregnant with potent energy—temples inscribed in the earth open for only my eyes to see…soldiers marching onward inspired by noble truth–clad in brilliant kaffiyas and wearing studded combat boots…absorbed in imaginative pop my brain was engulfed in a wormhole—a matrix from distant stars reaching deep into my soul…this is manic zen at its zenith and at its spiritual peak—i feel zephyrs moving within and hear ancestors as they speak…we must embrace neurodiversity and amplify its  effects—we need all the weapons in our arsenal to confront the rising cult of death…i am bypo phoenix evolving into something new and more—i find sustenance and power in transformative community and sacred lore…lets wed the prophecy of nina to huey’s manic genius—we must absorb the insight of baldwin while worshipping the rising polymorphic phoenix…we will evolve or die trying in these apocalyptic times—we will transform resistance into insurrection styled fly by the radical imagination of our tribe