enraptured by this moment i see energy everywhere–hieroglyphics coat the sidewalk and magical pixies dance with your hair…emotional release and mutual aid are our most potent medications–we need to heal our hearts and feed our souls reinventing this toxic nation…legions of sisters are coming forward exposing the human toll of patriarchy–we must uproot all of our oppressive institutions if we want to live in harmony…a titanic creative force is rising to power in this tortured political moment–we are building a sexy-fly underground empowered by the angels we have chosen…i have discovered manic zen and am learning to live with its expansive parameters–but i seek brethren and disciples-sacred sons and divine daughters…the power to transform is a subterranean fire–my rebel tribe is sex positive fusing our praxis with the heat of desire…trans and queer battalions are rising to challenge the legitimacy of gay inc–we defend the right to protest-the right to riot-and the right to think…sacred fires will burn on every corner of this metropolis–the life cult is emerging fueled by the energy of an incarnate goddess…lend an ear to those in need and nurture love and trust–transcendent relationships are a force to rival carnal lust…rise and fly babydolls–its time for the phoenix jedi to fly free…through catharsis and resistance we can change the course of history

–BYPO PHOENIX c)2017 >>VISUAL ART by Favianna Rodriguez<< or @favianna


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