Your body and mind are Byzantine—harboring technicolor emotions yearning to be free…your scarlet aura projects power and seismic psychic speed—your neurons are bathed in the sacred flow of dopamine…

We cyberwire sexuality forging erotic exhilaration—we conjure angels to guide us through this matrix of liberation…its time for mourning and time for celebration—we live amidst epic contradictions and karmic divination…

Moving through labyrinths of love lust and trust—white lies and perfect illusions disintegrate like dust…I imagine a conversation between the two of us—I imagine you dancing with throb and thrust…

Byzantine psychic potential burns bright accelerating evolution—deep regal purple marks armies of revolution…we seek deep insight innovating potent solutions—we strive for divine justice not punitive retribution…

Your energy is beautiful bold and Byzantine—I connect with your presence through the vectors of a dream…we uproot toxic systems and own collective grief—tantric sensuality unearths a tidal wave of cathartic release….

Images by Sam Noriega @samgtsfit on IG >> photos: Les Cordovi Photography >> @lescordoviphotography



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