GHOSTS: a riff on the emotional subterranean

echoes of emotion transgress my heart and mind—i feel currents of suppressed attraction in confluence deep inside….the erratic logic of passion convolutes and overflows—i struggle with conflicting desires contorting my soul…like a ghost your words still haunt me—conjuring aspirations long buried deep…visions of angels consume my whole body—hoping my confusion is something only i can see…i breathe with intensity in search of salvation—lost in waves of transcendent meditation…praying for clarity and for revelation—remembering riptides of psychic devastation…if destiny rules then you are my cypher—forever elusive like a camouflaged viper…living a love that is heard like a whisper—your heart is athena’s and she is my sister…i believe in ghosts that haunt our lives—emotional phantasmas rooted deep inside…i see truth when i look into your eyes—like a magician you captivate my mind