a fire burns within—fusing sex and sin—high on oxygen—and playing to win…i dance to my own beat—flirting with carnal heat—conjuring a cure for my disease—no relapse no retreat…longing to feel your presence and nurture my pain—i dream of your essence and galavant in the rain…craving your taste—adoring your face—your hands on my waist—nothing i can replace…a flourishing passion—tantalizing action—awaiting reaction—so much satisfaction…i want you deep inside me—reverberating through my body—i dream of creation when your love is upon me…your cock thrusts and grows—my heart overflows—possessed by a fever i bare my soul…with you deep inside—my mind is wired—addicted to the night—and playing with fire…possessed by your eyes—a double helix extends its spires—my mind on hyperdrive—i dream of being more than alive