here i am–humbly and blissfully imperfect–reckoning with harm i have caused by striving to be accountable and doing work to transform…i am decentering self–dismantling the illusion of my willful power to control the world around me…this is my attempt at surrender–and her matrix of liberation is opening new vistas of possibility in my mind…so often, surrender is the only way to win–i surrender to collective wisdom and to powers greater than i…i am learning to question impulses that are tainted by performative grandiosity and to trust only my humble instincts…i am learning to find pleasure and inspiration in doing that which needs to be done…when i see an everyday miracle i take a knee and draw a few deep breaths…everyday miracles can be as simple as the light of the sun refracting through clouds or the fractals expressed by the limbs of a tree…the opposite of compulsion and addiction isn’t abstinence–at root, it is connection…i meditate on the power of surrender, feeling the contours of an anthem reverberating through my mind…i want to serve–to be the reason for someone else to believe in the righteous power of our gods…humbly and blissfully imperfect i strive to serve my higher power just as sacred light pierces a fog

the first image is a photo of gato… @sateando on IG or twitter



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