Scintillating rhythms

Emotional prisms

Joy envisioned

Our people we listen


We shake off the drama

Transcending bad blood

You give voice to our pain

Unleashing a psychic flood


Epic poetry in pop disguise

Karmic truth before my eyes

Embodied  joy magnified

Emotional resonance deep inside


Your melodies transcendent

Rooting us in the present

Teaching emotional lessons

Asking potent questions


You are a high-heeled feminist

Branded by couture

Dreaming of empowerment

Dreaming of a new world


I want to convince you to be an anarchist

To be an agent of liberation

You are the apogee of pop

You are collective salvation


You feel collective anguish

Knowing all too well

Harmonies manifest

Casting your infectious spell


We are the new romantics

Heartbreak our national anthem

Our minds are expanding

Our spirits grow ecstatic


You sing with such honesty

Such pulsating vulnerability

You are the apogee of pop

A voice of cultural prophecy



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