beautiful and rock solid of heart body and soul—your presence so magnetic making my manic brain feel more whole…your jagged edge is a metaphysical fractal inspiring me to live and to dream–a jagged edge to guide our evolving self-medication–a jagged edge looming over the depths of the deep blue sea…you live to test your limits aspiring to find nirvana and thrive while on the proverbial hunt—clad in the beautifully branded leather of a cylon pirate in search of a seductive cali blunt…newfound comrades are so cosmically potent and so profoundly hypnotizing—we are invested in this magical struggle within the womb in which our battalions are arising…love and rage are our jedi-like weapons amplified by our evolving minds—we are karmic brothers in this life and death battle with our psychic matrices intertwined…a body built to rule the dance floor or transfix the paparazzi hovering over our imagined radical runways—you inspire me with your passion and with hope for electrified nights and exquisitely serene sun-blessed days…magic transpires on the daily when newfound angels enter our lives…i aspire to live in a state of infinite transformation infusing all those i encounter with hope faith and pride…i barely know you but feel instant connection to your creative brilliance and to your inner core–we mindfuck purely platonically and i promise not to lust for more…your body is a brilliant avatar for the visions that inspire me–the rhythms of our universe reverberate inside showing me what it means to rewire me…free from guilt and from shame with all their toxicity–growing into a mutant phoenix flying high…recruiting a tribe of rebel sluts to copulate and build an insurgency in every facet of the DMV…neurodiversity is a cosmic gift entombing genius in apartheid walls of repressed emotion…like a prayer you enter my universe–amping me up to induce feverish and intense commotion…ready to bomb walls and tag the streets with newly conjured transgressive imagery–ready to juice up and flex my libido and to amplify the synaptic waves of my neurochemistry…divine energy is surging through my spine and throughout my nervous system–godlike forces are empowering our tribe to heal our pain and fulfill our revolutionary mission…your siren-like voice reverberates deep inside like the revelations of ancient tribal seers…feeling the throbbing deep house beat, spitting dope rhymes, and flipping the script…your brain opened wide to deeper introspection and to the cerebral vistas of our life cult mirrors–your words presenting my psyche with the holy water of your celestial gifts…jagged edged insurrection is a sacred trip into the atomic fusion generating vectors of light from our sun—i pray for the karmic moment when our psychically harmonic minds evolve into one


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