carnal heat and tindered flame fill the air and call my name…agents of karma take the stage–anarchists evolving prefigurative ways…love and rage fuse in a digital array–a double helix carrying our mutant dna…crafting a path towards this system’s doomsday–finding a path out of this sociopathic ideological maze…recruiting fresh disciples week by week–rejecting bourgeois order and arming the meek…dreaming while awake and scheming while asleep–we revolt against this order when we reclaim our city streets…a reinvented praxis evolves a language of praise–centering the communities our system imprisons and plagues…rising up to carve a gateway to heaven’s gate–reconstituting the dialectic imagined in Hegel’s day…light and dark or black and white—love is the spark my mind ignites…angels cruise in the alleys in the dead of night—my mind seeks a nirvana pregnant with deeply rooted insight…our flames are fired by cybernetic oxygen—living it up at night and living in sin…creating the social power we need to fight and win—allowing our tribe to evolve and begin once again…red and black flags dance to pyro-songs—our reincarnated prophets are heralding a classless dawn—organizing fierce resistance to this regime’s devil spawn—ruthless parasites clinging to power where they don’t belong…the anatomy of the fire we burn inside is fueled by fury and by desire…rebels rise by day and dance with destiny by night—bringing to birth an army of jedi steeled in revolutionary pride…at night, while manic, i dream and i see—i explore secrets barely visible and hidden galaxies deep…i am imagining a sacred path away from satan’s keep—listening to uber-krunk house beats driving deep…i am swirling about entranced by manic zen–my mind churns hoping to evolve as this blood moon sets…this focus and euphoria are heaven sent–designed by a higher power rising from deep within…i pray to conjure the karmic opposite of nuclear destruction…i pray for patience as we build towards a penultimate revolution—with each breath we bring nearer a matrix of liberation…fueling dreams of perpetual resurrection with potent tribal libations…we conquer the ideological sewage churned up by this system-we fight to unite a global anticapitalist resistance…we speak truth to power and hone our power to listen…we conjure manic connections amidst so much cognitive dissonance… i dream of an atom of fire evolving into rock solid ice—i dream of finding true love in the dead of night…i rise to reverse the destruction unfolding in everyone’s sight—transforming theoretical disarray in search of our insurrection’s celestial light…a dangerous fool in power while the world burns—this isn’t the present human nature has earned…its time to rise and let subterranean powers surge—its time to usher in a spiritual and karmic rebirth…sound can travel faster than the speed of light–atoms recharge in my god’s infinite mind…the embers of this inferno fuse to prepare for a final cataclysmic fight–tonight’s the night for our batallions to rise and ride..fires burn in my eyes and in the distant stars—i foresee a day when we will find nascent life on mars…i aspire to burn the plantation and melt all of our prisons’ bars…i am jesus reborn in buddha’s perfected heart…i dance to stacatto rhythms as our bodies merge into one…i worship the moon and stars and summon the celestial power of the sun…i want to become a higher mind evolving until the will of destiny is done…i want to weave every language into an anthem fueled by pounding erotic drums…i am mohammed and shiva—i am hera and athena…i am a trans woman of color ruling the streets like a diva…i claim a place in the pantheon of rebels fired by fever–i fight so that the toxicity of this system will never be repeated…every organ in my body is hot and electrified…anti-zionist semites tear down the walls dismembering palestine–reclaim the proud legacy that resisted one of history’s greatest crimes…from the warsaw ghetto rebellion rose a phoenix flying high–a fierce bird with the words “never again” brutally branded on its hide…revolutions, at their inception, are collective manic episodes–at first unconscious of all of the intersectional oppressions we must ultimately overthrow…i pour fuel into my fire inhaling nicotine and all its smoke–the flames transcribe my neurochemistry and shield me from the cold…our collective fire is contained by fragile glass waiting to give way and break—our species’ future lies in the balance and our collective sanity is at stake…our evolving minds are becoming conscious of their power to remold our fate–we are architects and artists conjuring manic visions to heal our pain…its high time for our revolutionary arsenal to detonate–its time for anticapitalism to reign hegemonic in every organizing space…we must unleash our collective unconscious to conquer exploitation and uproot oppressive hate—we must build the karmic power to convene a global anarchist anti-state

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