inspiring all encompassing carnal euphoria—my tongue milks your cock transcribing your aura…there is energy in the sky and energy in the earth—there is a power that flows from sex carving a path to spiritual rebirth…sex magic i practice seeking epiphanies in bed—i can feel your mind expanding when i give you cosmic head…we strive for transformation finding lovers along the way—we can build empathy and connection when we transgress and disobey….i crave full lips that know how to dance—i crave hips that know how to thrust…i am black and i am proud of my present and my past—i need lovers in the struggle for a world that is just…from your cock to my mouth—from my mouth to her thighs…we seek angels in karmic orgies—blessing our bodies with tantric pride…sex magic with my tongue—sex magic with my mind…i am exploring the supernatural high when our bodies are intertwined