a flame explodes into view, so emblematic of our rage…we rise up to reconstitute a nation that was built to conquer and enslave…these are florid and manic nights followed by meditative and introspective days–we are trying to reinvent ourselves as a tsunami that can cleanse all of this emotional pain…light is god consciousness: light is a wave but also a particle–the seismic force of these facts shows us that another world is possible…we must realign all of our fractalized squads into a phalanx that is unstoppable–we must relearn ancient arts and transfuse them with sacred energy that is both prophetic and dialectical…we make a conscious decision to turn our lives over to our higher power–we leave behind the arrogance and false pride that has so long been ours…the untamable potency of our ego is about to be devoured–self-will gives way to surrender opening psychic doors in these transcendent hours…the walls we build within are so hard to tear down–we need a psychosocial insurgency to emerge within our street art underground…its time for empowering mental health diagnoses to reverberate and resound–i am a monster queer bypo freak and i rise to claim my subaltern crown…everything is changing in this moment of petrifying possibility–everything within is transforming preparing for our date with karmic destiny…everything is light pregnant with electricity–a divine power builds inside when we cultivate vulnerability

the photographer of the first photo is unknown >> the second is of king stephon >> on IG @kingstephon_



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