they walk among us disrobed and disguised—i seek fulfillment and connection when i stare into their eyes…seductive but liminal—both here and away…we fuck through the night and we do lines to welcome the day…i pray for my angels—i pray for my mind…our lust is a cradle in which our souls are intertwined…cupid comes calling—propelling arrows into my heart…if love is like falling then i pray we are never far apart…there are angels incarnate—and angels racing through my brain…my muse is this dopamine—rapidly addicting me to feeling no pain…the neurochemical riptides pull me across synaptic seas…i strive to moor myself to sanity—i fight to let my mind breathe…erotic and catalytic—elusive and copacetic…this riff is a dialectic—fusing the cerebral and the orgasmic…your body is my temple—my body is a crime…the truth is never simple—my psychic and carnal powers are opened wide