MINDFUCK: an erotic manifesto

MINDFUCK: an erotic manifesto

i want to see your arousal in each nipple branding your chest—i want to feed on your passion and get high on your breath…a mindfuck is looming, unfolding on my disheveled bed—i will worship your body and will ravenously await what comes next…i want to feel your cock harden in the womb of my mouth—i want to drink your cum and imagine new erotic powers…we are trans and queer lovers so beautiful and so proud—the synchronized neurochemistry of our brains evoke a majestic digital cloud…ecstatically enraptured by radical imagination: we dream of a new world–entranced by visions of liberation: we transform sand into pearls…so alive and so connected we embody a nascent anarchist praxis–striving for peace justice and revolution we seek to thwart apocalyptic disaster…deeply inspired by your energy and stimulated by your mind—i am never as satisfied as when our bodies are intertwined…i feel your latent doubts in every word and want to ease you inside—i want to feel your cock deep within and conjure the erotic topography of your mind…held captive by the flames i still burn illicitly–i dream of a day when polyamorous love will fly free…rising like a phoenix from the ashes of toxic disease–karmic love and rockstar powers synthesize and interbreed…i awake from my fantasy and let you call me your name–i traverse newborn galaxies and inspire love from a cradle of pain…the voices of our gods are omnipresent: we must open our minds and listen–our pantheon of rising divas is represented in the army rising to transform this system…the mindfuck is infinitely more than yet another act of casual sex—its an acid trip through new wormholes coming into being inside our heads…i pray for these sacred moments, like i pray for the dead—we will fuck and give birth to a trans warrior dressed in heels of platinum and cloaked head to toe in black and red


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