Living with purpose—living with joy and passion

She is an oracle of truth—of psychospiritual reactions


Her totems are windows into her being’s manifestations

The giraffe connotes perspective—the butterfly signifies transformation


The metaphysical power of snake medicine lies in her gifted hands

We shed old skins but sustain our essential power as lethal venom is tamed at her command


Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you

It is a synergy of the principle of interdependence with the practice of generous virtue


She teaches us to find our true yes—to not ride the fence

We must find roads where joy, passion, and purpose overflow in self-evidence


Empathy is a thing of magic—it is vicarious introspection

We seek guidance from the roots of trees praying for ecological resurrection


Pruning is a necessary part of creating new growth

We must rebel against the compulsion to remain prisoner to commitments of old


We see our lovers for precisely who they are

Mortals with divine potential to find their path dancing with stars


We are reincarnated ancestors—we are agents of karma

Our fractalized iterations manifest perilous hope for an earthly nirvana

this poem is inspired by Naiima Lovechild, who is pictured… much of the text is derived from her work on social media… images >> @Naiimalove on twitter



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