EXPLOIT THE CONTRADICTIONS: a pop riff on insurrection

we are living through cataclysmic times with a political class that is playing with fire…we must dream boldly as we organize—deploying radical imagination as we conspire…this despotic regime’s hold on power is as perilous as it is catastrophic…its up to our resistance to build the social power that is required in order to stop it…we must exploit all of the contradictions—sowing the seeds of insurrection…its time to envision alternatives to this system—time to pierce the toxic fog of mass white deception…we trans and queer rebels are reclaiming our pride—black and brown leaders fight with wakandan power…we are conjuring a transcendent spiritual fire—inspired by the heavens in this apocalyptic hour…we must open our eyes to the energy of our ancestors—open our hearts to fall in love with new comrades…its time to center the voices of our trans sisters—time to unleash an earth-shaking revolutionary fusillade…our movements will be a laboratory of neurodiversity—devising a cerebro cyber-wired with vibranium…we must give space to feel emotion in all its intensity—we must build neo-feudal chainmail and armor of platinum and titanium…so sure we were onto something—hypomanic evolving towards the zenith of manic zen…its time to mindfuck and get our synergies in synch—its time to gestate and transform into an ejercito armed to win…decoding the hieroglyphic fables and scriptures transcribed on the night sky—rewiring and redesigning the matrix for interstellar flight…i am self-medicating—but i am doing it with care…our minds have an infinite capacity to evolve and become self-aware…divine provenance is at play in the vicissitudes of classwar—transcendent spirits arm our tribe with angelic grace and sacred lore…contradictions abound in this decaying social system—perched on a knife edge between rival catastrophes…we must understand the material roots of our social norms and the subterranean roots of our dominant ideologies…its time for the subaltern to rise triumphant—time to abolish the curses of class and of caste…let the superficially urgent make way for the cosmically important—lets uproot all of our intersectional oppressions and tear off their deceptive guises and masks…we exploit contradictions with dialectical power—understanding the substance underpinning the disguise…we see a rising phoenix—electrified and spiritually potent…we conjure a new dawn of science and spirit in the blood-tinged gaze of the phoenix’s regal eyes