You are radiant

Erotic energy amplified by leather

Faith in a higher power

Aligned with desire


I could never believe in a god

Who doesn’t sanctify consensual pleasure

I cannot be guided by a religion

That demands that I suppress who I am


You have described your journey

Grappling with queer identity

Reconciling this inner truth

With the strictures of faith


We need these stories

These nuanced narratives

Realigning faith with liberation

Undermining the logic of haram


The contours of struggle are evolving

There are walls dismembering Palestine

Walls awaiting an indigenous Stonewall Rebellion


Oil-rich oligarchs deploy strict moral codes

Obscuring their parasitic feudal power

Investing in fundamentalist faith 

Praying that their regimes will not be challenged from below


Your body pulsates

Infused with sinuous resonance

Evoking erotic faith

Evoking sacred orgasmic transcendence


We have never met

But I believe we are spirit brothers

Conjoined in the evolution of a new world


We are energized by rivers of faith

Fusing the mystical with the practical

Burning with insurgent rage

Conduits for psychospiritual pain


We root spirituality in joy and connection

Reaching deep for water of acceptance

Challenging our myriad faith traditions

Crafting an inclusive matrix of sacred passion and desire

Demanding and creating the nascent power of erotic faith

Leather: @armyofmenco, Model: @_sadiqsadiq, Photos: @rafandway1



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