FINE LINES: an aspirational manifesto for mental health liberation

like angels, we seek signs of evolving life at the end of the dank, dark, and isolating depressive tunnel

like aztec warriors, monster queer muslim and sephardic cylon buddhas resist the proto-fascist cop-enforced kettle

we seek solidarity and transcendent love: our sharpest tools in the quest to conquer our past and present trauma and pain

semitic ninjas fly from a reconfigured zion to the temples of wakanda: arming our radical militias with the energy of vibranium—the ultimate weapon in the war on hate and shame

this system has denigrated our creative potential to its own socio-political detriment—billions strong: we yearn for more and fiercely imagine what we might become

we are a tribe of epic genius camouflaged by alienation—pounding drums to herald the rise of our mutant-age minerva, heavily armed with cognitive ammunition—through emotion and connection building the power to abolish the scourge of stigma and uproot this toxic system

we each become a newborn phoenix when we rise from the chains of pathology, of self-hate, and of suicidality

we awaken from a psycho-spiritual slumber—weaponizing our powers of perception and rebranding our banksy monster family fame as the karmic antidote to bourgeois normality

we pop our pills and potions as prescribed—but our synaptic neurochemical auras are transcribed as hieroglyphs on our hypo-wired sacred scrolls—the holy tablets we analyze and revise while flying high late at night

whether manic depressive or hardcore unipolar—there is always hope to be born from a matrix of radical acceptance

our sisters and brothers living with schizophrenia will learn to harmonize their voices like an intergalactic chorus—refusing to be strapped down and criminalized or abandoned to the streets and left to die unmentioned

my eyes see an infinite army of cosmic and karmic signs—emerging within our global tribe’s evolving consciousness

we summon all of our black panther power—but purged of the neo-feudal proposition that benevolent aristocracy is the best our species can get

there is a fine line between genius and psychosis—a line i navigate with introspection, medication, and meditative hypnosis

fine lines mark my barely aging carthaginian face—alluring like a monster queer phoenix flying high with a demigod’s grace

the bypo posse hosts erotically charged parties where fine lines are inhaled with intensity—letting dopamine rise and leaving inner demons in power while enticing substances are at play

we come armed with an imaginative vision of the world we strive to build from the ruins of this brutally tortured polarized age

in our life cult, sex is sacred and love is always chic and styled fly—as our insurrection arises our orgasmic potential will writhe and multiply

the fine lines between structure, boundaries, and creative energy are porous membranes crafted for karmic realignment—they are rivers and mountains describing the parameters of new-rising empires driven towards a penultimate revolutionary assignment

as our barbaric global system lurches towards the precipice of mass self-destruction our mitochondrial dna reimagine their power to rise and forge ever deeper connections

they are building bridges to distant pulsars, to ancient prophecy, and to the endangered species known as common sense

we will restore our imperiled common humanity and give birth to a new world arising from deep within



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