I feel your energy

Pulsating and devastating

Animating and liberating

Vibrating with tantric chemistry


I came to these waters to write

To process these magical moments

These rivers reflect the moonlight

Awakening emotional currents


We just met hours ago

Coincidence that is not coincidence

A convergence of spiritual libido

An inferno of passion and presence


I feel my psyche in your story

Your journey of trauma and pain

Reverberating through sacred water

I long to call you by my name


My spirit is moved by your honesty

By your integrity and vulnerability

I feel the seed of deeply rooted trust

I feel your kindred divinity


Deep waters mirror my wonder

Capturing myriad possibilities

Evoking alluring mystery

Channeling echoes of psychic thunder


This feels like a beginning

A moment of providence and fate

I feel the exuberant joy of living

Our dance with destiny illuminates

Visuals by @josemoralesOFF on IG



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