We are spirit brothers in search of salvation

Erotic pulsation fuels emancipation

You inspire desire for transcendent liberation

Sacred fires conjure interstellar communication


Toxic miasma permeates the atmosphere

We are enchained by guilt, shame, and fear

Wars by rival empires bring armageddon near

A global cult of death built on blood, sweat, and tears


We build our squads with the tools we are given

This praxis embodies the insights of science fiction

We can remake our world with hope and vision

Tantric prophecy emerges as our new religion


Your bodies burn with licentious chemistry

Fierce leather animates phallic potency

Your eyes radiate telekinetic electricity

This erotic synergy is sacred alchemy


Our energy creates a storm of redirection

Adapting to apocalypse with spiritual resurrection

The apocalypse squad is a vortex of connection

We create fractal tapestries as our souls’ reflection


Our army’s psychic arsenal detonates

Our people rise to rebuild and create

We reclaim our power and remake our fate

Unleashing the collective strength to liberate


This is the dialectical inferno of revolution

We harness the dynamo of evolution

We are animated by a tantric love profusion

There are many struggles but there is one solution


leather: @armyofmenco >> photo: @rafandway1 >> models: @fetish_muscle_stud & @officialfrankyfox >> all on IG



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