synthesized and camouflaged—scoping streets and living large…finding spiritual truth in erotic rites—our gang of geisha strut and rule the night…transwomen claim a place on high—praised for their courage and beauty: so super fly…we reject the decaying ideology of sexual ownership and pervasive shame—we are dirty little freaks branding the streets with our names…polyamorous partners rewrite bourgeois rules—dismantling a capitalist edifice with anarchist tools…gods of eros are deployed in each and every metropolis—turning lovers into comrades so the forces of social decay can’t stop us…we fuck and rim conjuring virtue from sin—imagining a transformative praxis to let our world begin again…sex is sacred and love is dope—our fires burn bright with rage and with hope…its time to worship all of our carnal deities—the nascent godlings we find emerging deep within you and me