I see energy electric

Pulsating and prophetic

Sex presence magnetic

Conjuring a tantric dialectic


Psychic passion inflamed

Manifesting the erotic unchained

This is the nexus of love and pain

The sacred genesis of godlike fame


This is stiletto intensity

This is orgasmic destiny

Synergy fuels alchemy

Inspiring cosmic chemistry


We rise as one from a river of imagination

Inspiration is our collective salvation

This percussive erotic fire fuels liberation

Bodies writhing in sublime anticipation


Tumultuous powers rule the night

Angels of fire take flight

Deep waters surge majestic

Reflecting this inferno’s light


Her stiletto is enticing

It is potent and inspiring

His leather bound torso commands

This is an odyssey transpiring


We amplify attraction

Fueling a karmic chain reaction

This matrix reverberates

Magnifying carnal satisfaction


We build a tantric underground

A subterranean force of creation

Gestating a transformed future

The triumph of global emancipation


This is stiletto sex appeal

Decimating armies of steel

Powering seismic desire

Unveiling what more will be revealed

Leather by @armyofmenco >> photos by @rafandway1 >> models: @adreenaangela & @desymons >> all on IG



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