ecstatic joy riddled by viscerally searing pain–this manic week has taken a toxic toll on my brain…judgement impaired and reckless impulsivity on high–i’ve made devastating mistakes in the grips of hedonistic desire…i am grappling with the dichotomies of this dialectic–weighing my own agency and responsibility in this destabilized mental nexus…mania is a partial explanation for my failings: but i can’t offer it up as an excuse–remind me never to forget that its the ones i love most that i am most likely to abuse…i need love from my karmic family: a transcendent force predestined to endure forever–lets breathe deep and heal these traumas: lets find a way to be a little less lonely together…with our world on fire the importance of sustaining radical love is so urgent–we are building a cadre of anarchist disciples who can foresee a classless future and transcend psychic oceans…at the root, there is truth to opposite sides of most disputes and insight to be found in rival paradigms–our minds must evolve towards inapproachable divinity to resist proto-fascist power and undo systemic crime…in this moment i see genius cocooned in hyper-modern pop riffs–i want to praise creation and welcome all her sacred gifts…mania is a ravenous demon: but i won’t let her be my alibi…remind me to forget the pain i’m feeling: channeling KYGO as BYPO’s inner child…i have been at the mercy of riptides of emotion and neurochemistry–i strive to reclaim my power to act with consistent intentionality…i still believe that we can build the social power we need to change the future–i believe that love can arm our tribe to rise armed with strength and carefully nurtured…i take ownership of my flaws and want to find deeply rooted solutions–i am only human, so the death cult can kill me, but it can’t kill the revolution…