LOVE SONG #2: the ‘we all sleep alone’ riff

somebody somewhere turns off the lights—somebody all alone faces the night…you got to be strong when you’re out on your own—because sooner or later we all sleep alone

photons of love pierce encroaching clouds of grey—I churn through the night and dream through the day…seeking relief I breathe and i pray—imagining my heart enveloped in your loving gaze

divinely inspired and erotically attired—you make my eyes wild with spiritual desire…wired to writhe, groove, and organize—we twist and stomp to a house beat throbbing with fierce pride

nobody nowhere holds the key to your heart—when love’s a possession it will tear you apart…you may have lovers wherever you roam—but sooner or later we all sleep alone

interconnected on so many levels we meld our minds and converge—we unearth shared truths and inscribe sacred words…your eyes are windows to the soul and vectors to a parallel universe—I dream of exploring your lips while our feet caress the earth

empathy and chemistry power our newborn synergy—ecstasy creates a symphony inspiring kinetic artistry…we create new worlds with our minds inspired by angelic synchronicity—the drum beat of erotic power harmonizes with our romantic melody

i don’t make no promises that i can’t keep—I won’t be the prisoner of somebody’s needs…I have lovers wherever I roam—but sooner or later we all sleep alone

second image is a photo of King Stephon >> IG: @kingstephon_



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