before we had a globalized system, we had globalized energy:  fires of wood or wax to which we made sacred offerings of rare shells, silver, or gold…before we had a world economy or planetary pandemics, we drew life and sustenance from the same sun and moon–we saw our fates and our inspiration in divergent constellations of stars…before the compilation of the sacred texts that we now look to for guidance, disparate cultures told analogous stories about our origins and of the creation of our universe–

we rooted our conception of being in the karmic unity of all things…without having words for them, we were entranced by the fractals of tree roots and branches, or of proliferating fungi…we struck an uneasy balance between living in harmony with our surroundings and trying to exercise our willful control–arrogance and hubris have long been among humanity’s most toxic traits…

it would be foolish to try to distill the expanse of world history into a few lines of poetry…so i will offer what i, in humility, think i know…we stand at a momentous precipice in which planetary destruction and planetary ascension are both possible…we stand at a precipice between hope of liberation from the many shackles of oppression and the visceral threat of a downward fascist spiral…this is the hard bottom that we addicts so often need to hit, before we are ready to embark on the path of recovery–and our global elites are as addicted to this system’s toxic stew of ruling ideology as a junkie on skid row is to her dope…

hundreds of thousands rise day in and out to uproot the interwoven layers of white supremacy, anti-blackness, transmisogyny, capitalism, patriarchy, and imperialism…but our struggle needs more than front-line battalions–it needs a vast subterranean support infrastructure, including healers, dancers, farmers, artists, seers, and metaphysical magicians…we need to access the lingering echoes of globalized energy–echoes that remain understood by those still rooted in our planet’s indigenous traditions…

to globalize liberation we must globalize trust in one another–and globalize confidence that our aspirations can be brought into being…we need to build webs of interconnection, support, and understanding–circles stimulating emotional growth, accountability, and collective power…before we can can globalize revolution we must globalize our understanding of the power of insurrectionary and revolutionary love


the first image is a photo by Slava Mogutin >> on IG @slavamogutin

the second image is of me and my altar



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