light and sound become energized and fused into one–we see fractals in the moon and volcanic power in the sun…psychedelic synergy has transformed who we are and what we can become–we project universal liberation as the cosmic project that is to be done…i have learned that i do not need intoxicants or substances of abuse to feel power and see my visions–all i need is to still my mind, open my eyes, and observe energy as i listen…i channel the DMT in my brain as i imagine alternatives to this system–open your minds to karmic exploration and you will unleash the powers of imagination and intuition…while honing analysis and crafting our praxis, we must center the most marginalized as we rise and resist–we find muhammad reincarnated as a pixie and jesus reborn to confront the sith…we proactively challenge the anti-blackness that keeps us in the system’s grips–our world needs an african century styled fly in stiletto heels and chain mailed fists…we are on an epic vision quest that our rebel armadas pursue–we hear a chorus of sacred voices saying do unto others as you would have them do unto you…we are visited by a multitude of angels conveying so many prophetic truths–i seduce this genderqueer jesus with my psychedelic power to get deeply into the groove…we must uproot white supremacy, transmisogyny, patriarchy, and capitalism–we must water our sacred ground newly seeded by a spiritually grounded black anarchism…i want to worship this psychadelic jesus with sinuous muscles accentuated by pink leather and its symbolism–i want to detonate an explosive psychedelic army at the weakest vector of this decaying social system

the first image is courtesy of @kylegoffney on IG >>

the second is from @francoloya on IG>>



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