EUPHORIA: a bypo pixie duet

cosmological forces conjure elixirs for our sacred apothecary…jedi powers rise up fueled by love arming us to do what is necessary…enshrouded in beauty of soul and mind you tantalize with seductive eyes…this passion is expanding exponentially awakening a global karmic fire

you receive me from my travels wearing fur and bearing gifts…as we settle in together I feel my whole being shift…I am present, I am grounded, grips on my heart fast unbind…and I feel deep anticipation of the joy that we will find

I awaken full of joy thinking of your magic eyes…you are a godling in gestation–an angel in human guise…love is an emotion, a commitment, and a choice…I commit to feeling fully and to lending you my voice…I am a phoenix for your pixie–a lover for our bed…may your passion always surround me–until this body meets its end



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