i am so wired for you pixie angel—it is visceral and it is magic…my heart is opening but fearing danger—we craft a connection that is free, seductive, and emphatic

you take me to our own private nirvana—where agents of karma vogue with gaga and madonna…covered in platinum armor we strut ever harder—demanding justice for our world inspired by truth love and ardor

like a firestone you move me to be fully present in this life—like an angel you bless me with energy, eros, and delight…swimming together in these currents i blush and i smile—so full of inspiration that together we can all craft beauty in our lives

woke up this morning with your magic on my mind—elated to have dreamt of a future where our lives are intertwined…lets sink roots into this earth like the great giant pines—lets migrate like the birds with intermingling cylon minds

pheromones and palindromes mold the path through which destiny unfolds—as we kissed tidal waves of love arose bringing karmic justice close…deep within the marrow of my bones this passion grows—empowering sexy jedi clones to destroy toxic zombie drones

we transcribe the contours of our hearts in rhyme—aspiring to rise above the torrid flow of time…we rise up to challenge systemic kleptocratic crime—transforming the purely orgasmic into the cosmically sublime

second image is a photo by CONRADO MULUC >> @conradomuluc on IG



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