our world is in the throes of a collective spiritual rebirth—rebel armies conjuring godlings to imagine a sustainable place on this earth…the blood wolf moon brought karmic energy with love and rage interspersed—we are crafting our own destiny shaping emergent transformation that cannot be reversed…our new astrology posits that we are all fractals wired to distant stars—the beats we vibe to are computer programs reverberating deep within our minds and hearts…we ground our struggle in roots of love prefiguring a world that is a work of art—we see distant galaxies late at night while we grafheads make our mark…transcendent visions recur like pieces of our genome transcribing a nascent matrix—our higher powers emerge through divergent pathways and are angels with many faces…we fight for land, bread, and peace in this evolving revolution that will forever change us—we brand our faces with vibrant war paint so the sithian minions will fear to face us…palo santo holy wood brings the zen of anarchy to the space of my meditation—transmuting polar opposites into new elixirs to ward off psychic devastation…the power of the moon drives my ever accelerating mutation—alchemy fused with prophecy builds a subterranean fire for justice and liberation



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