visions this intense have never before penetrated my mind—i see with godlike vision peering through amplified love fueled eyes…fractals manifest everywhere conveying prophecies for our disciples to find—this spiritual and erotic armor prepares us to leave the toxicity of this system behind…i am ripening through so much beauty and experiencing so much growth—i pray that these sensations will keep passion bundled comfortingly close…i saw metafractals in the hair on your chest and electromagnetic sparks emergent on your clothes—we breed a pantheon of majestic godlings writhing in passion on thrones of gold…a metafractal is an abstraction inspired by sacred geometry—its the image burned into my mind while our bodies intertwine and breathe…recurring patterns become manic visions for our evolving spirits to see—we find joy amidst the dawn of apocalypse: determined to find a path through which love can set us free…the erotic and carnal are divine blessings deeply branded into all of our minds—tattoos capture ancestral fantasies for our army of lovers to find…metafractals fill my consciousness with sacred orgasmic light—your pixie cum magic brings a rush of blood to the head as you bless me with orgasmic delight



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