you see us dance among you, but fail to sense our jedi powers in emergence—we conjure rites of love and liberation aspiring towards an all encompassing transformational resurgence…we sync our bypo minds through the meditative practices of erotic pleasure and service–I can’t choose my apocalypse squad but i can recruit a fractalyzed global battalion of samurai neurodivergents…

don’t tell me to stop just cuz they say so—our dope insurrectionary beats are gonna drop both in utero and in vitro…we cyberwire our magic manic minds gestating our own master cerebro—we craft the power to organize our mutant kind into a karmic crescendo…don’t propagate a theory if you don’t apply it in practice—praxis is a meaningless concept without intentional cohesion and accountable process…left ideologues of many stripes are ensnared in a cerebral and transactional axis—what we need is emergent strategy where biomimicry and relational intentionality flourish from a place deep inside us…

we are divine spiritual beings having a temporal human experience—the melodic flow of a subterranean flute amplifies our natural resilience…when we focus on critical connections, not critical mass, we amplify our movements’ resonance—by uprooting the deceptive logic of domination we sow potent seeds that can deconstruct cognitive dissonance…

I saw a pyramid of pure light manifest in the candle I burned tonight—we must imagine vistas of boundless possibility to save our species from planetary blight…ancient skills and divine texts will reemerge to guide our sacred fight—if we aspire to godlike creativity who can foresee what masterpieces our descendants will write….

the substances that open me up to visions can be be like a toxic and visceral brush with death—it is most safe to find insight naturally through intent observation and intentional breath…I am manic and it is magic but it needs to be held close to the chest—I treasure the many circles that surround me and that see my mind in all its depth…

it is said that the future of the future will still contain the past—we will forage for magic mushrooms in their nascent matrix of transformational craft…its time for radical freedom to raise a proud polynational flag—our supernatural manic magic rises transcendent moving like water in search of a grounded evolutionary path

first image is a photo of @miamilux_ on IG



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