I want to write you a letter—even though we text every day…there is always something magically new to discover—there is always something radically new to say…you are such a blessing in my life—you inspire the divine spark in my heart…your presence excites passion and ecstasy—your eyes are like a flaming torch in the dark…I love that you transgress the gender binary—I love it when your pixie spirit flies free…I love this polycule we have co-created in bold defiance of the strictures of bourgeois morality…our relationship is so profoundly grounding—so pregnant with love and with joy…the symphonies your mind crafts are resounding—drowning out so much neurotic insecurity and mental noise…sexual energy percolates everywhere, inspiring tides of attraction, lust, and love…we are ethical sluts on this powerful journey—aspiring to make radical consent our most powerful drug…I love you with all that I am—I love you with all of my heart…this is a prayer that our intertwining roots steadily deepen—stoking a fire that will burn with karmic intensity even when our bodies are apart…you are a master of compassion and empathy and a mistress of mind-blowing creation…you are a goddess of sex and seduction and a god of transformative liberation…I treasure your love like I treasure my life: so animated by revolutionary desire—your beauty is magnetic and transcendent like a conflagration of sacred fire…we build power to conquer systems of oppression—to unearth the roots of social trauma and sectarian strife…our bond is so intense and so deep that I marvel at its vitality—our dreams will live forever if we can teach our imperiled world to love and to breathe…we aspire to craft a world based on love and mutuality—we aspire to let our spirit angels and our dreams of liberation fly free

lead image is King Stephon >> @kingstephon_ on IG



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