she slays with her looks—she’s estrogen butch

she writhes with desire fueled by tantric touch


two lovers kiss, sharing breath so deep

energy arises fueled by sacred chemistry


hormonal power surges deep inside

amplifying feminist fire and lesbonic pride


we are striving to manifest a tantric underground

channeling psychic godlings to rise and run this town


two bodies align—breast to breast, thigh to thigh

conjuring sex positive magic inspiring our lives


we fight to transgress toxic patriarchal binaries

we imagine new morphology while we sleep and we dream


tongues flirt and  intertwine—bringing a tantric goddess to mind

fueling kinetic kundalini energy traveling up the spine


estrogen butch synergy flies free like a bird

rooting erotic power deep within our mother earth


estrogen butch erotic energy percolates enveloping our world

our tantric underground builds power letting our technicolor flag unfurl

both images are of the SUN DRAGON > sol esperanza roja



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