This poem is an introspection—a covenant with myself…I aspire to trust in love, and not in my wellspring of insecurities…it is so easy to give in to doubt and to caustic toxic inner voices…so much harder to trust that those we give our hearts to will honor that love with all that it deserves

I fight not to give in to insecurity every time I text my partner and don’t get a response within five minutes—I fight not to let insecurities infiltrate my bed, poisoning libido with waves of anxiety

I will trust in love and I will believe in the best that we can be

Insecurity will lie to you–it will tell you that you’ll never be good enough–that love will never last…it will undermine your own self belief so much that you’ll sabotage perfectly healthy relationships…

We have enmeshed ourselves in a beautiful web of love, respect, and mutual support… I will rise like a phoenix from the fires of self-doubt to sail amongst clouds of hope and transcendent aspiration—grounding myself and seeking a higher love



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