I inhale your energy and worship our chemistry

You are a saint of pleasure—an agent of ecstasy

Luscious lips vibrate to subterranean frequencies

Our minds conspire in search of tantric destiny


Superhuman sex presence manifests as divination

Exploring contours of the erotic with piercing imagination

Full spectrum sensuality yearns for full spectrum emancipation

We shed dogma from spirituality and find lascivious incarnations


The confidence you project is juicy and provocative

You suggest the pornographic with passion evocative

This is a speedball moment: mixing stimulants with sedatives

Navigating neurochemistry while burning sex positive


We energize our tribe with sacred fire of psychic solutions

This is sinuous inspiration seeking the living edge of evolution

Our world’s cutthroat overlords hide behind a haze of confusion

The specter they fear most viscerally is a polyvalent global revolution


This is an epic rewiring of our system’s architecture

We center the power of erotic touch and texture

We are spirit brothers-we are salacious vespers

This is a karmic revelation—a sacred cosmic conjecture

Inspired by @loizdsantos >> Leather by @armyofmen >> Photos: @rafandway



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