For most of this year I’ve been struggling—never depressed really…just navigating the waters of harm and accountability—and groping for my most indigenous sense of purpose and direction…for most of this year, I have also lived under my parents’ wing…we have processed feelings, worked on communication, and grown, but it has been hard for all of us to live in such close proximity…the brightest and most consistent ray of light has been my partner and lover the brilliant, magical, and genderqueer pixie—we have navigated the waters of polyamory—and my soul and spirit have been touched by my metamors–the other partners of my partner…I continually ground myself in being in right relation to my polycule—energized by our collective project of amplifying emotional intimacy, pleasure, and exuberance about the quest for human liberation…so at last I feel unstuck—and crucially no longer feel emotionally enslaved by trauma…I look forward to having my own space, and to blessing it with potent divine power of manic zen…I want to continue my own healing journey, and help others solidify their own integrity, embarking on a path to community accountability that is uniquely theirs…I want to find my own emergent route to liberation—unencumbered by someone else’s agenda or by illusions about the immense urgency of the political moment…maybe in 2020, we should all get unstuck…get our movements to slow down and breathe, creating space to sink roots like giant oaks, to flock like birds in migration, or to thrive like a psychedelic mushroom, turning the toxins of the natural world into food and sustenance…this is my vision of emergent strategy and it inspires me—at last, I am unstuck and ready to live in the moment, to seek my best life, and to love with passion from  a place of abundance and immense spiritual power…this is a good place—won’t you join me?



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