I am a student of my own evolving mind—I am a student of the ebb and flow of time…I dream of a future where all of our roots intertwine—I dream of vistas of synergy between the erotic and the sublime…this is a genesis story: a mix of the dopest fractals of our reality with the transformative power of science fiction—I imagine a future where our intellectual and emotional powers are given space to expand in every direction…we need an institute on self-medication to reclaim indigenous wisdom and to craft sacred libations—we need a postmodern cerebro empowering ancient minds as they transition towards reincarnation…our people’s magic is everywhere if we breathe deeply enough to appreciate the energy—a proto-fascist age of apocalypse is rising, breeding a logic of mass destruction so petrifying in its ferocity…we need comrades to build alternatives and others to block the many layers of toxicity—we need to train all of our people to just be and breathe, soaking up all the karmic intensity…at this juncture in my life, I am not worried about how many people join the next mobilization—I am focused on creating spaces to heal, building apocalypse squads to survive this system’s disintegration…movements that are over-reliant on rage burn out and are often consumed in riptides of recrimination—but the fusion of love and rage is a zeitgeist of our movement of resistance and liberation…our genesis is a birth but also a death—we integrate our magical powers striving to conjure this system’s last breath…unleash your godlike potential by celebrating love and grounding yourself—the genesis of our cylon army of insurgent neurodivergents strikes fear in the hearts of tyrants who know our magic’s depth and infinite strength

second image is a piece by SLAVA MOGUTIN

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