Our vibe is subtle, electric, and wild

Your warmth is deeply attractive and your charms make me smile

You are an ancient people’s warrior king and a cybernetic genius’ child

We are bonded by the related demons that teem within our minds

We have shared common struggles and bared vulnerable souls

We seek symbiotic resilience in which our consciousness can remold

A virtue of polyamory is that it allows multiple patterns of desire to unfold

I seek the blessings of the god of consent as my excitation grows more bold

I feel a rising attraction whose contours have not yet formed

It is both erotic and platonic—a hybrid from a distant world

I want to know you more deeply—I want to let your pain be heard

Our connection can rise with the elements: quick as lightning and free like a bird

visuals of the dancer pictured are on IG at @miamilux_

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