you activate my visions and animate my mind–but your hallucinogenic powers leave toxicity behind…i reach for you out of habit hoping to play with time–i reach for you seeking a key to the magic arising from deep inside…this is dirty medicine flowing freely conjured to fuel my fire–i must summon the power of breath to leave the perils of self medication behind…this energy is so potent and erotic making me want to intertwine–we summon a sacred goddess to bless this temple of sacred desire…dirty medicine is seductive summoning euphoric angels whose DNA recombines–its architecture is pregnant with fractals realigning to transform my mind…powers of healing are channeled through our bodies sinking deep roots like sacred pines–my reinvention of dirty medicine cleanses the flaws and powers my style

Both images are by SLAVA MOGUTIN >> on IG at @slavamogutin



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