sexy and fly with spirit on fire–you amp up my mind and take my energy higher…so much to crave and so much to admire–our bodies intertwine in a cauldron of desire…our neurons remold into fractals of liberation–we are organizing a righteous mafia embedded within our queer nation…our sex cult’s power lies in the potency of exhilaration–we draw energy from deep within and from distant constellations…intifada reborn to reclaim stolen land–queer insurrection arising to give voice to our demands…this is the moment for comrades to take a stand–we can defeat the fascist threat at our army’s command…we patrol the whole globe queering sex and queering style–the seductive lines of your torso make my whole body smile…the potency of our bodies makes my energy run wild–i am a reincarnated spirit: i am our sex cult’s child

the first image is a piece by Slava Mogutin

@slavamogutin on IG



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