You were in the world but not of it

You told of awful things

You created from a cradle of pain

A dad sized cavity in your spirit


What if I could have been your friend?

Helping you set boundaries

Could you have escaped tragedy

The scourge of fentanyl

Claiming your life


You saw the toxicity of capitalism

You wove complex narratives

Illuminating oppression

Imagining a new culture


What if I could have been your comrade?

Co-creating a cultural revolution

Fusing and synthesizing genres

Crafting anthems of prophecy

Your prophecy of yearning


You loved to excess

You told us that life is beautiful

Feeling the pain of rejection

Contending with demons of insecurity


What if I could have been your brother?

We share a birthday

Sun sign of Scorpio

Your back branded in ink


I see deep introspection

Energetic passion

Features aligned with our sign

Fractals of gritty transcendent genius


What if I could have been your sponsor?

Offering tools to handle big emotions

Undermining the grip of addiction

Offering the vulnerability of male presence


Your body and mind transitioned

But the raw fire of Lil Peep is deeply rooted

An active volcano in our collective psyche

Blood memories of gothboiclique


We carry your legacy

Manifesting your prophecy

We sustain this quest

Activating culture as a weapon of liberation

Inspired by the life and work of Lil Peep



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