so seductive and luscious, you tempt me with desire

love reverberates through me like a subatomic supernatural fire

the suggestive curves of your body inspire my mind to rise up higher

we must live from an emergent place of abundance that lets our gestating spirits rewire


erotic power energizes our struggles helping to crack the matrix code

we rise up like billions of dreams deferred just waiting to explode

the deep rooted symbiosis of our planet is a body of knowledge we must aspire to know

its time to rise up like a cybernetic virus destined to destroy toxic fascist drones


the potency of exponential pleasure lies in its power to awaken aspiration

we are crafting new sacred texts from new angelic revelations

the contours of your body inspire reverberations of pleasure and cosmic exaltation

we can build circles of healing, joy, and power to animate our evolution towards liberation


Both image are by @slavamogutin



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