i feel you in my blood as it permeates my veins–i feel your jedi mind as it bends the psychotropic plane…we rise up for liberation determined to break the chains–we must fight to heal our traumas and set fire to historic pain…you are my prince of fire and i feel you deep inside–our worlds have merged into a new universe since our spirit stars aligned…we dance to celebrate our bodies and the joy of being alive–we dance to ward off systemic demons reconfiguring their powers in the dead of night…sacred fire is a practice, a faith, and a divine gift–its powers synchronize our senses awakened by the pixies in our midst…my prince of fire animates a passion that fortifies my will to resist–i imagine our spirits expanding as we strike a pose and raise our fists

images of the first perfomer can be found on IG @kingstephon_

the 2nd performer is on IG @miamilux_


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