living in luminous sobriety is its own sacred high–we must craft a healing revolution to sanctify our hearts and minds…the oxygen, dopamine, and adrenaline make me wild and super fly–i am done being a spice junkie constantly lost in the ebb and flow of time…i saw visceral visions as i navigated the hypomanic psychotropic plane–i saw magical angels manifest in each potent flicker of flame…its time to heal from trauma and claim expansive emotional space–its time for holistic anticapitalist praxis to download and detonate…just ground yourself and worship something: like your body, a tree, or a flock of birds–divine power resonates everywhere aspiring to be felt, seen, and heard…we are accomplices amidst this apocalypse and we aspire to let our fractal flags unfurl–the world owes us nothing, but we owe each other the fucking world

first image is used with the permission of @mbyruck on IG

the second is @KingStephon_ on IG



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