i am a vessel for sacred forces arising in a moment of unprecedented global peril–we must draw strength from our collective unconscious to resist a fascist menace that has grown ruthless, desperate, and feral…i am anansi the spider weaving webs of wisdom, life, and love–i transmute psychic pain and crisis into power that can channel the energy of gods below and above…

we must turn to the spiritual realities and traditions lodged deep inside our spines–the truths that move and reproduce like the spider woman who is god of time…i pray for patience as i weave my way through these moments–looking at all that has been stolen and at the bones of ancestors that were so brutally broken…

the energy of anansi projects like wildfire across our african diaspora–this energy weaves the erotic with the platonic, empowering our spirits to become unstoppable…the tales of anansi are tales of cunning that show us ways to undermine the most despotic of foes–they show how our powers of resilience, creation, and resistance are like the fractals of fungi that survive and thrive in the cold…

i speak of mystery, of growth, and of power–i speak of spiritual presence in this hour sinking deep roots amidst a late summer thunder shower…spider energy is so potent and spider webs are magical works of art–we must learn to brew elixirs in our calabash that let each sacred herb play its part…

i am a disciple of truth, justice, and liberation and my name is kwaku anansi–i weave webs of psychospiritual evolution and transformation and the ruling cult of greed and death has no power in its arsenal that can stop me 

The first image is ‘The One Who Blocks Your Happiness’ by Dwayne Eugene Martin >> his website is >> the second image is ‘Pussy Galactica’ by Favianna Rodriguez >> or @favianna



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