You unveil epic strength embedded in each of your eyes—you are an insurrectionary army in supple erotic disguise…we reclaim sacred land with the clarity of our minds—we chart a path to liberation when we dance, writhe, and grind…

We build decolonized power in the heart of empire—we seek indigenous wisdom when we circle our sacred fires…you are a cauldron of passion animated by revolutionary desire—you are a master of the psyche and your eros fuels a transformational pyre…

This is the work of emergent strategy adapting like fungi amidst apocalypse—you build decolonized pride and intuitive decolonized praxis…the earth shivers each time you welcome a lover to the taste of your lips—we are a decolonized queer phalanx learning to exist and learning to resist…

images are by Gabriel Dorta-LaFontaine >> aka @dooshfag on IG >> and @rrefnaa on IG



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