My visions

My visions again


A vista of river reverberating with light

Ripples and undulations become a Cylon matrix


I see my pantheon of erotic disciples

My inspirations, my collaborators, my co-conspirators


It is you—cyberpunk boricua

Returning persuasively


Helping me imagine our path


I realize now

What I was chasing and craving

Years of addiction and manic oscillation

All in search of spiritual connection and awakening

An awakening I have finally found in recovery


Visions of possibility

Visions of liberation

Faith in our humanity

And the power of empathy


This poem is insistent

I write with ferocity

Desperate to capture all I have seen


You of so many names

The angel Gabriel

You have amplified my creativity

Fueled my exploration

Of the fluidity of gender and sexuality


This becomes a penultimate vision

A vision of liberation

And emancipation


A vision transcending apocalypse

Social disintegration and ravaging

Accelerating like a juggernaut


But we still have our prayers

We still have our faith

We channel the power of the erotic


Summoning fuel for our resistance

And spiritual sustenance for our evolving minds

Images are by @sateando on IG or twitter



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