This is a meditation on intensity—it is a meditation on the contours of ecstasy…I wire my mind to take in your electricity as we conspire to imagine our collective divinity…

You animate my imagination with your fierce pride–you light a fire of desire deep inside…but do I long to hold your innermost spirit close or do i merely want the experience of a wild erotic ride…

There are many nights when I crave sensual extremes—moments when the pulse of your power feels pregnant with meaning…Yet so often, trust, intimacy, and emotional support are what I desire at the deepest layers of my being…

The dangers of this hyper stimulation are acute and visceral—I try to calm my mind but am losing ground to pornographic ritual…i dream of elevating our sexual practice towards a vision that is bold and  apocryphal—We can find the zygote of intimacy that is deeply and profoundly spiritual…

But sometimes the compulsive erotic cravings overwhelm my psychic peace—sometimes I give in to the allure of intoxication with a lover in the fantasy of my dreams…the power rising within is the seismic force of sexual intensity—and sometimes I just crave intensity—yeah…sometimes I just crave intensity

Both images are by KING STEPHON: @kingstephon_ on IG



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