manic magicians ponder contradictions—conjuring new weapons for this system’s demolition…superhuman revelations infuse our psychic places—breeding insight and inspiration for our tribe’s preservation…seeing molecules in formation–hearing voices of inspiration…we prowl the streets of gotham fueled by drug-fueled desperation…the toxic essence of our nation is replayed on tv stations—white supremacist reaction to the fear of social displacement…we build power to transcend our present situation—imagining a future free from war and exploitation…the manic depressive spectrum is a newly forming matrix—providing vision and introspection to undergird our revolution…our despair and their deceptions are our rulers’ ultimate weapons—blinding so much of our nation to the urgent need for system replacement…we breathe deep in meditation—harnessing intuition…we pray for the karmic power to craft dialectical solutions…the system is ruthless and abusive—its rationale is toothless…we inspire our rebel armies made up of nascent angels and mutants…urban hieroglyphics both mayan and egyptian–offer the keys to revelation and the spells of inspiration…witchcraft and santeria guide our spiritual solutions—we worship the goddesses of the forest and the gods of oppressed nations…creation and evolution are a dialectical unit—we inspire insurgency and rebellion with the flames of karmic fusion


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