You inspire me and rewire me

Desire builds inside of me

Angelic grace fuels ecstasy

Showing how potent passion can be


Your mirror is sacred revelation

Reflecting karmic manifestation

I grow though creative collaboration

Apocalypse eclipsed by hope for salvation


You channel seismic carnal heat

Karmic angels rule city streets

We surrender control but don’t retreat

We amplify the groove of hard house beats


Power this potent can be destructive

Corrupting the faith arising among us

Your erotic vectors are intense and seductive

The pulse in my veins is fierce and percussive


Karmic angels writhe with erotic fire

Unleashing psychic fractals to repel gunfire

Crafting a matrix of revolutionary desire

Gestating rebellion in the heart of empire

Visuals by @slavamogutin >> first image with @uncutvar & @reborn_orphanage  >> the grid with @zero_ko01 & @rawrymac for @vtmnts



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